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WK Sound & Light Equiment

WK. Sound

Do you remember the compelling sound during your last visit of a concert ?

Powerful sound is our passion. And sharing this passion with you is our ambition.

We are convinced that perfect sound gathers the perfect success of your event.
Between small systems for your private event and high-performance systems for your Open-air Festival, we are sure that we will find an appropriate sound arrangement for your occasion.

WK. Light

Over the last years, our experience told us that a simple light can completely change a venue.
Never mind if it's a moving or a static light, it always creates a special effect.

We are specialised in event lighting as well as in static and architectural lighting. So if you are interested in making a special effect of your event, feel free to contact our operations department.

WK. Deejay Equipment

Pleased to have a known DJ in our team, we are able to cater professional and up-to-date DJ equipment.

WK. Stages / Rigging / Decoration

Flexibility and functionality, words that lead our daily operations. Keeping those subjects in mind, we deliberately adapt our stages and rigging equipment.

Every event has it's dimensions, and searches perfection. Gathering all those qualities, we consciously created a system that can fit your venue into an unforgettable eye-catcher.

WK. Audiovisual-Video services

The success of your event is our vision. Always searching for new dimensions, our team built up the audiovisual department.

Recording, mixing, live projection and movie-cut shortly enriched our offer.

The combination of high-output projectors, professinal cameras, video mixers and screens can point a special touch to your event.

So if you like to entertain your visitors, just ask our audiovisual department for further details.

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We say what we do, we do what we say,and we're looking forward to prove it to you.